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Babysitters and Nannies You can Depend On

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For occasional babysitting, date nights or last minute childcare, Aspen Babysitting Company provides reliable and compassionate babysitters to care for your children. Our babysitters are experienced and very carefully screened.

Our rates for on-call services are based on hourly babysitter’s fees plus a per shift booking fee.

Babysitting fees

One Child $20/hr
Two children $22/hr
Three children $24/hr
Four children $26/hr
Agency Fee $40/booking
  • Please contact us directly for information regarding our holiday rates which apply for:  Independence Day (July 4th), Thanksgiving Day, and each day from December 21 through January 3.

  • On holidays or during our winter holiday rate period, we have a two day cancellation policy.  All reservations must be canceled by 12:00pm (noon) MST to avoid cancellation fees.  

  • Multiple Infants (two or more children under 1 yr old)- Please add $2/hr to Babysitter fee

Please note:

The rates above include both the agency fee and the babysitter fee.

Babysitter fees should be paid directly to your babysitter by you in cash or with a personal check.  

Agency Fees are charged to the credit card on file. Once reservation is confirmed, an agency booking fee in the amount of $40/shift will be charged to the credit card on file. This deposit is 100% non-refundable and non-transferrable.

All bookings require a four hour minimum. Reservations of 8 hours or more require an 8 hour minimum. Hourly minimums cannot be waived for any reason.

Client is responsible for parking fees and extra activities.

Add $20 handling fee if all charges (including babysitter fee) are to be charged to the credit card.

Cancellation Policy:

Aspen Babysitting Company has a ONE DAY cancellation/change policy during our regular rate period.  All cancellations must be made by 12:00pm (NOON) one day prior to the reservation date.  On Holidays or during the Winter Holiday Rate period (December 21 – January 3rd) we have a TWO DAY cancellation policy.  All cancellations must be made by 12:00pm TWO DAYS prior to the reservation date.  We cannot waive our cancellation fee for any reason (including cancelled flights, illness, unforseen events).

All reservations and cancellations must go through Aspen Babysitting Company.  Babysitters cannot accept or confirm cancellations or changes.  

If cancellation occurs within the cancellation period, the babysitter fee for the 4 hour minimum will be billed to the credit card on file (in addition to the agency fee).

Advanced booking always recommended!

Bookings with less than 24 hours advance notice are subject to $10 last minute booking fee.

Our on-call babysitting services are perfect for short-term childcare. Whether you are on a business meeting or need to be out of town, our babysitters can come to your home, hotel, or conference site and tend to your children at a moment’s notice. We charge at an hourly rate plus a per shift booking fee.

Long-Term Nanny

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Aspen Babysitting Company offers full time year round nanny placements, year round/part time nanny placements and summer/short term nanny placement services. No matter what you are looking for, we are confident we can meet your needs and find the right nanny for your family!

Our long-term nanny placement service is recommended for a permanent situation. Your nanny may live-in with your family or live-out while employed by you.

We accept applications from only the most experienced nanny candidates seeking employment. These candidates are thoroughly screened to meet your individual requirements.

To apply for an in home nanny position, nannies are required to make a minimum one year commitment, but many stay in their positions for five or more years. The one-on-one individualized attention of an in-home nanny is the preferred arrangement of many working parents.

Your nanny will support you by:

  • Following your rules and carrying out the daily routines of each child. It is very important that you are open with your nanny regarding your expectations!

  • Tending to each child’s physical and safety needs (i.e. feedings, diaper changes/toileting, bathing, putting down for naps/bedtime)

  • Providing age appropriate stimulation and leading developmentally appropriate activities

  • Organizing play dates and outings

  • Providing transportation for the children to and from school/activities

  • Assistance with children’s laundry

  • Maintaining the tidiness of children’s areas

  • Traveling with your family

Full Time Nannies generally work 35 – 40 hours per week

Part Time Nannies generally work 15 – 25 hours per week

If you need less than 15 hours per week, please ask about our hourly on-call babysitting service!

We require a registration fee of $250.00 as well as a completed family application to begin this process. For information regarding registration, fees, and our nanny placement process or to request a family packet, please contact us directly.